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About Us
Xiamen Hengda Hardware Co.,LTD  is a  machining factory from China with below equipment.Comparing to other supplier,we have below advantage.

1.Accept small quantity.Even you just want to make 1 sample,we will support you.

2.Strong R&D ability.
We define us as a creative parter of buyers.We always pursue better solution to our clients to make the product better and to make the price as lower as possible.


NC Lathe Machine          3pcs
NC Milling Machine         2pcs
Stamping Machine          10pcs

Customer Reviews

"The ***  look great.  Thank you very much for making them for us.  
We would like to order 5000 more and have them shipped to *** just like this last shipment.

"I am very pleased. The ***are beautiful and the ***appear to  be the perfect size 
for a nice snug fit!The finish or anodizing is pleasing as well."

"You and your technicians do excellent work and 
we are very happy with  the quality of product.""The *** looked fantastic!!"