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How to inquiry for machined part

Author : Joe Date : 9/3/2012 6:44:35 PM

We have got many inquiries everyday, CNC turned part,milling part,stamping part.etc.But ususally the client give us just 
a little information,like only draft drawing.only pictures of the product without size.How can you get the best price and accurate price with this information?Usually,the factory in China will quote you a relatively hign and conservative quotation if your inquiry is not complete.How to get the best and fastest quotation?

  • CAD Drawing.It is better if you can provide CAD drawig with precision requirement.If no CAD drawing,draft drawing with size is also OK!
  • Material. Do not forget to tell the supplier the material you SS 303, Aluminium 6061.etc
  • Quantity. It is directly related to the price
  • Sample. It is the best if you can send suppliers your sample.
  • Surface treatment. Let us know if you know!

I know most of the time,we only have an idea or draft drawing.It is also ok. You can ask the supplier to make 
a sample first and then re-quote. What do you think? Any better idea?

Looking forward to seeing your comments!

Warmest Regards,